May 2--Prosper ISD Prosper, Texas

May 3---Southlake Carroll HS,Southlake, TX

May 7---McKinney High School McKinney, Texas

May 8-9---Eagle Mt.Saginaw ISD Ft Worth, TX

May 10---Lovejoy ISD Allen, Texas

May 17---Marshall ISD Marshall, Texas

May 20---Hudson ISD Hudson, Texas

May 21---Southlake Carroll HS, Southlake, Texas

May 24---Natchitoches Parish

                         with Living4Burke Foundation

                         Natchitoches, La.

May 28---McKinney North High School  McKinney, T


Jan. 28--Hudson ISD

Feb. 11--Prairieview Academy, Bastrop, LA

March 7--BrandonGoyne Memorial TNT@

               Elysian Fields, TX

March 14--PRCA Rodeo, Marshall, TX

March 28--Ascension Charter School,               

              Avoyelles Parish

April 8,9,15,16--Frisco ISD, Frisco, TX

April 22--Pittsburg ISD, Pittsburg, TX

April 27,28--Amarillo ISD, Amarillo, TX

April 29--Northwood HS, Boyce, LA

April 30--Lakeview HS, Campti, LA

May 2--Marshall Dixie Baseball , Marshall, TX

May 5,6--Kaufman ISD,Kaufman, TX

May 12--Ridgeway Christian, Pine Bluff, Ark

May 13--Desoto HS, Desoto, TX

May 14--Ore City ISD, Ore City, TX

May 16--Lovejoy ISD, Lovejoy, TX

May 18--Maypearl ISD, Maypearl, TX

May 19,21--Duncanville ISD, Duncanville, TX

May 27--McKinney North, McKinney, TX

June 2,3,4-La. Athletic Trainers Convention

June 22--Anytime Fitness, Marshall, TX

June 29--Anytime Fitness, Marshall, TX

July 7--Longview HS, Longview, TX

July 11--Bishop Lynch School, Dallas, TX

July 21--Watson Chapel HS/MS, Pine Bluff, Ark

July 27--Elysian Fields Athletic Camps

Aug 3,4--Red Oak ISD, Red Oak, TX

Aug12--Marshall HS, Marshall, TX

Aug 13--Longview HS, Longview, TX

Aug 25--Ouachita Christian, Monroe, LA

Aug 26-Marshall HS,

Sept. 1-Marshall JH, Marshall, TX

Sept. 8,9.10--Allen Parish, Oberlin, LA

Sept. 15-Elysian Fields ISD, Elysian Fields, TX

Sept. 18-Denton McMath MS, Denton, TX

Sept. 22-Avery ISD, Avery, TX

Sept. 30-Harleton ISD, Harleton, TX

Oct. 2-Hudson ISD, Hudson, TX

Oct. 6-LSUA, Alexandria, LA

Oct. 7-Jena MS/HS, Jena, LA

Oct.9-Claiborne Christian, West Monroe, LA

Oct. 13-14-Waskom ISD, Waskom, TX

Oct. 17-Community Screening, Lafatyette, LA

with Living4Burke & Shane Ozene Foundation

Oct. 20-Kilgore MS, Kilgore TX

Oct. 21-Kilgore HS, Kilgore, TX

Oct. 28-Winona ISD, Winona, TX

Nov. 6-Laneville ISD, Laneville, TX

Nov. 11-Overton ISD, Overton, TX

Nov. 13- TX School Nurses Convention, Dallas

Nov. 16-Mt. Enterprise ISD, Mt. Enterprise,TX

Nov. 18-Lakeview HS, Campti, LA

Nov. 19-Chapel Hill ISD, Tyler, TX

Dec. 7-New Summerfield ISD, TX

ECG SCREENINGS--Call or email today to make an appointment for your school or organization

903-503-2759    $15 per person


Sept--Elysian Fields ISD

          Elysian Fields, Texas

Oct---Waskom ISD

          Waskom, Texas


March 19---Harleton ISD, Harleton, Texas

March 29--Marshall Dixie Baseball Marshall, TX

April 16--Frisco ISD @Heritage HS Frisco, Texas

April 17--Kaufman ISD Kaufman, TX

April 19---Elysian Fields Youth EFYA,  EF, TX

April 23---Frisco ISD @Lonestar HS Frisco, TX

April 24---Azle ISD Azle, Texas

April 26---McKinney Boyd, McKinney, Texas

July 3-5--La. Collegiate League/baseball

The Brandon Goyne Memorial TNT 

Bossier City, La.

July 19--Bishop Lynch High School Dallas, TX

July 24---Prosper ISD, Prosper, Texas

August 9---Mandeville Club Soccer

   with Living4BurkeFoundation, Mandeville, LA.

August 12-13----LaSalle Parish Schools

  Jena HS  & JH , Jena,La. LaSalle High & JH,

August 23---Rapides Parish Schools

        Cross Fit Gym, South Bank Alexandria, La.

Sept. 6---Allen Parish Schools, Oberlin HS

Oct. 1--Waskom MS, Waskom, TX

Oct. 6--Elysian Fields Stingers, EF, TX

Oct. 14--Watson Chapel Schools, Pine Bluff, Ark

 Oct. 15----White Hall School District

                        White Hall, Arkansas

Oct. 17--Elysian Fields MS, EF, TX

Oct. 21--Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana

Oct. 22--Harleton ISD, Harleton, Tx

Nov.6--Bastrop HS, Bastrop, La.

Nov,7--River Oaks School, Monroe, La

Nov.11--Waskom HS, Waskom, TX

Nov. 12--Hudson ISD, Hudson, TX

Dec. 9--Beekman Charter, La.

The Brandon Goyne Foundation

501(c) (3)



7-Evangel Christian Academy, Shrevport, La.

11-Overton ISD, TX

12-Ore City ISD, TX

15-17-Parent Heart Watch Convention

21-LSU-Alexandria, La.

25-Mt. Enterprise ISD, TX

26-Hughes Springs ISD, TX

27-Pittsburg ISD, Pittsburg, TX


3-Henderson HS, Henderson ISD, TX

10-Henderson MS, Henderson ISD, TX

11-Chapel Hill ISD, Mt Pleasant, TX

17-Trinity School of TX, Longview, TX

24-Beckville ISD, TX


2-Trinity School of Longview, TX

3-5-BrandonGoyne Memorial/EF  Woodbat TNT, Elysian Fields, TX

10-11 Marshall Rodeo

17-18-Whitehouse HS, Whitehouse ISD, TX

22-Whitehouse MS, Whitehouse ISD, TX

24-Longview HS, Longview ISD, TX


5-Homeschool Group, Tyler, TX

6-New Summerfield ISD, TX

12-Mineola ISD, TX

13-14-La. School Nurses Conv.

20-Wakeland HS, Frisco ISD, TX

      Lonestar HS, Frisco ISD, TX

21-Frisco HS, Frisco ISD, TX

      Centennial HS, Frisco ISD, TX

22-Independence HS, Frisco ISD, TX

     Heritage HS, Frisco ISD, TX

23-McKinney HS, McKinney ISD, TX

26-Redwater ISD, TX

27-McKinney North HS, McKinney ISD, TX

28-Liberty HS, Frisco ISD, TX

29-Carthage ISD, TX

30-McKinney Boyd, McKinney ISD, TX


5-6-Diamond Hill, Ft. Worth, TX

 7-Coppell ISD, TX

10-Ridgeway Christian, Pine Bluff, ARK

16-Rusk ISD, , TX

17-Clarksville ISD, TX

18-LindenKildare ISD, Linden, TX

19-Chapel Hill MS, CHISD, Tyler, TX

31-Jefferson ISD, TX


June 24-Celina ISD, TX


July 19- WatsonChapel Schools, Pine Bluff, Ark

July 30-La. Sports Medical Symposium, Lake Charles, La.


1--Longview ISD-9th grade, TX

9-Whitehouse JH, TX

10-Crownover MS, Denton ISD, TX


8-Tioga HS, La.

9-Jena MS, Jena, La.

    Grant HS, La.

10-Allen Parish Community Screening

14-Jefferson ISD, TX

20-Linden Kildare ISD, TX

29-Avery ISD, TX