Brandon Goyne

       Played baseball for LSU-Alexandria and collapsed on the field  January 18, 2013 He never regained consciousness. He had no prior symptoms. He had 7 physicals in the last 9 years-1 in middle school, 2 in high school , 3 years of college baseball, and 1 for a summer job. NONE of them found a heart abnormality. Brandon passed away from ARVD--Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Dysplasia.( As he exercised his heart developed scar tissue instead of strengthening muscle, ultimately leading to his unexpected death).


An ECG/EKG can detect a heart abnormality but no one performs them on a perfectly healthy young person. The Brandon Goyne Foundation's sole purpose is to champion the cause for school districts  and colleges to add ECGs to required athletic physicals. Although a cardiac abnormality is rarely found, it only takes a short ECG test to ensure a young person's heart health.

Brandon lived his live encouraging others. He truly never met a stranger.

The Brandon Goyne Foundation is dedicated to the heart health of all students and student athletes.






2017 recipient

The Brandon Goyne Memorial $500 Scholarship

Elysian Fields ISD

Dedicated to the heart health

of all  students and student athletes.

"Championing the cause for ECG/EKGs to be

added to required athletic physicals"

The Brandon Goyne Foundation

501(c) (3)

ECG/EKGs are 80% accurate

at picking up electrical abnormalities in the heart.

Athletic physicals with a stethoscope

only pick up 1%.