The Brandon Goyne Foundation

501(c) (3)

Congratulations Luke Rice

2016 recipient

The Brandon Goyne Memorial Scholarship -$500

Elysian Fields ISD

The Brandon Goyne Foundation is dedicated to the heart health

of all students and student athletes.

ECG/EKGs are 94% accurate

at picking up electrical abnormalities in the heart.

Athletic physicals with a stethoscope

only pick up 1%.


"Championing the cause for ECG/EKGs to be

added to required athletic physicals"

Brandon Goyne was the LSU Alexandria baseball player who collapsed on the field January 18, 2013 and never regained consciousness. He had no prior symptoms. He had 7 physicals in the last 9 years-1 in middle school, 2 in high school , 3 years of college baseball, and 1 for a summer job. None of them found a heart abnormality. Brandon passed away from ARVD-Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Dysplasia. As he exercised his heart developed scar tissue instead of strengthening muscle, ultimately leading to his unexpected death.


An ECG/EKG can detect a heart abnormality but no one performs them on a perfectly healthy young person. The Brandon Goyne Foundation's sole purpose is to champion the cause for school districts  and colleges to add ECGs to required athletic physicals. Although a cardiac abnormality is rarely found, it only takes a short ECG test to ensure a young person's heart health.

Brandon lived his live encouraging others. He truly never met a stranger.